The beautiful music of the film was created by Ferdi Lancee, composer, singer and guitarist. He has made beautiful music in which an American sound is combined with a Dutch sound.

Download the titelsong here.

More about Ferdi Lancee

In 1983 Ferdi wrote the song Suzanne of VOF de Kunst. This song has been covered several times, including by Ricky Martin. He also composed and produced music for many artists such as VOF de Kunst, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Rob de Nijs and Do.

In 2001 Ferdi founded the band Gare du Nord together with Barend Franssen. They made hits like Pablo Blues, It's a Beautiful Day and Marvin & Miles, an ode to Marvin Gaye and Miles Davis. The album Sex 'n Jazz, which was released in 2007, became the best-selling Dutch jazz album ever.

In summer 2020, Ferdi's new single Life, a song about family and friends, is released. And together with Gitta de Ridder, Ferdi wrote the song Karma Heaven, A song about life, being human, and the hope they share for our beautiful but often confusing world.

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