Residence: Wrightstown
Origins: Uden & Winterswijk
Background: Pat’s great grandfather, Peter van Boxtel was born in Uden 1870.

In May of 1893 he got on to the boat departing from Antwerp to New York. He travelled from New York to Little Chute. In 1895 in Appleton he married his first wife Johanna Maria Heesakkers.

After his first wife passed away, he returned to Brabant to find a new partner. In April of 1920 he got married to his second wife in Uden. A week after they got married, they made the journey back to the United States and settled in Little Chute.

Peter van Boxtel had 22 kids and by now hundreds of descendants.

Dave’s ancestors left to travel to the other side of the ocean earlier on. His great grandfather, Lambertus Feldkamp, who was born in Winterswijk left together with his mom and his stepdad in 1847 to go to the United States. In 1894 their son bought the farm on which Dave and Pat still live to this day.

Dave and Pat are proud of their Dutch roots.


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