Residence: Hollandtown
Origins: Uden
Background: The ancestors of Tom immigrated in 1853 from Uden to Hollandtown.

The ancestors of Tom, Franciscus Van de Wetering and Hendrina van de Burgt immigrated in 1853 with three kids from Uden to Hollandtown.

They started a farm with dairy cows. In 1858 their son Peter was born, great grandfather to Tom.

Tom and his family still live at the original farm which his ancestors started and it is still a dairy farm today. Tom is now the fifth generation to run this farm. The next generation Van de Wetering is already good to go to take over the farm.

The Hollandtown Schut’ is an important tradition to his family. Family Van de Wetering has been a part of the shooting club since 1853. Tom’s sons have also continued this Dutch tradition. At the moment Tom is the treasurer. In 1994 he even was the king. Tom is proud of his Dutch roots.


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