Residence: Hollandtown
Origins: Maren en Hedel
Background: Trish is born in Wisconsin in 1962.

Her parents, Albert van Lith and Annie Michels, immigrated in 1956 from The Netherlands to Kimberly (The Fox Valley).

Her dad was from Maren (province of North-Brabant) and her Mom was from Hedel (province of Gelderland). Hedel was bombed in the second world war and the entire village was destroyed. Trish’ granddad was captured by the Germans and didn’t return to his family. The war left a big mark on Trish’ mom and that is why she wanted to leave the Netherlands. They already had a family member living in Fox Valley, which made the decision to go to America quite easy.

They left with their two kids by boat to travel to the United States. There they had six more children which Trish was one of. She was born in 1962 in Wisconsin.

Within the family the spoke English. Dutch was her parent’s secret language. Which caused Trish to be confused if something was a Dutch or English word. When she was 12 years old, she traveled to Holland for the first time. Slowly but surely, she has learned more of the Dutch language.

Trish travels to Holland quite frequently. She has by now been there over 25 times. She loves mardigrass (Carnaval) and celebrates this frequently in Den Bosch. She also tries to honor some of the Dutch traditions. In her own café in Little Chute: Trish Pop’s In Again she celebrates Queens day and at every birthday they sing ‘Lang zal ze leven’ (the Dutch version of happy birthday) Trish is an American but she feels Dutch.


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